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Hank & Gretchen:
A Modern Re-telling of Hansel & Gretel;
Or Because Candy Is That Good

Book & Lyrics by Stacy Davidowitz
Music by Mark T Evans


Candy is money. Money is candy. Candy is dangerously addictive. 


And no one knows where it's coming from.  


While on a forced vacation to visit their witch step-grandmother Baba Yaga, Hank and Gretchen are about to be made into the most poisonous candy to date. 

Will young Sally Soda Pop save her best friends with sugar-driven energy and unwavering loyalty? Will Barbie Yaga find the love in her heart to free herself from her mother's evil Tic Tac popping spell? Will homeless, candy addict Sugar Daddy discover his purpose and long-lost familial roots? 


Narrated by an inflicted, conflicted foursome of grandparents, Hank & Gretchen tells the story of family and friends, health and control, and an economy that rides on chocolate.



YouthPLAYS, 2012

Production History


Chatterton Elementary School, Merrick, NY

Manning Elementary School, Manning, IL

Lexington Middle School, North Carolina 

Book no.1
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