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Based on real events, “In The Rubber Room” follows the year-long journey of six New York City educators bound together in a Kafka-esque reassignment center referred to a "rubber room." Trapped in bureaucratic limbo, they await hearings to determine if they will ever be allowed to teach again.


Into this rag tag group walks Miss Dey, an idealistic new teacher who can't quite believe she won't be back in the classroom in a matter of days. Led by the charismatic Mr. Sanders, the teachers reveal their stories of how they ended up in “teachers jail,” and Miss Dey begins to understand the dysfunctional system that can keep good teachers out of the classroom and bad ones on full pay. In the no-man's-land between administrators and unions, the Rubber Room teachers bond, butt heads, and are forced to confront their identities.


“In The Rubber Room” is a moving new dramedy about learning when to submit and when to fight, especially when the students are at stake.

Book no.1
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