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Nestled between Floridian sugar cane farms lies Miracle Village, a self-sufficient Christian community of sex offenders on the trying journey toward rehabilitation. Amidst their Pastor's death, lawsuits, death threats, and malfunctioning ankle monitors, 19 year-old Juliet arrives, desperate for shelter. Embraced by a transgender prostitute, crushed on by a frat brother, inspired by a bumbling tennis coach, set straight by a "pray the gay away" choir teacher, and obsessed over by her social worker's Asperger's son, Juliet manages to shatter the harmony of her welcoming home, and in turn creates new precedents, new relationships, and new life.


Cast Breakdown

4M, 2F, 1 Male to Female Transgender.



Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers Finalist, 2015

A Room of Her Own Foundation's Shakespeare's Sister Semifinalist, 2014




Fundamental Theater Project
Reading at New York Film Academy, NYC


Indie Theater Now @ Stage Left / Rag and Bone Theater Company

Workshop Reading at Stage Left Studio, NYC


Naked Angels Tuesdays@9

Cold Reading - Excerpts, NYC 


Roving Roots Theater Company and Rag and Bone Theater Company

Staged Reading at Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre, Astoria



Plays and Playwrights Anthology, Indie Theater Now, 2016 - 2017

Indie Theater Now, 2015 - 2017


Book no.1
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