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"There's a Light on Yonder Mountain" through Amios Theater Company follows the journey of an unlikely group of misfits on a mysterious mission to change the world. This new play, created by Amios's own four emerging playwrights (Stacy Davidowitz, Lindsay Joy Murphy, David L. Williams, David Rosen), and a literary director, is inspired by Joseph Campbell's work on the "Hero's Journey."


You may be asking yourself: how the heck do five people co-author a play? Literary Director Kate MacCluggage started by giving the writers exploratory assignments based on the tried and true storytelling arc of the "Hero's Journey." Then over countless hours (in person, over Skype, text message, telephone, and thousands of emails), Kate and the writers discovered and cultivated patterns from the disparate scenes. In the next step of the process, our two directors will combine the voices of the writers, actors and designers and unite them into a single vision.


Produced by Amios Theater Company

Presented at The Kraine Theater, NYC

Book no.1
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