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Manhattan. A gray room in a shabby office building. A poster is taped to the wall. “Children are fragile. Handle with care.” A red pen has corrected the sentence, reminding us that, in this place, the first word should be "TEACHERS." 


Welcome to the Rubber Room.


One room, six desks, a guarded door; a temporary reassignment center where mismatched teachers (accused of incompetence, misconduct or unconfirmed) torture each other and themselves. Enduring excruciating days, months and, sometimes, years away from the lives they led and the students they love.


Based on a true story. Really. At once hilarious and tragic, Davidowitz's unique play throws a group of educational misfits together and watches them erupt as they're forced to share space and time, struggling to understand the frustrating futility of what it is to be a "good teacher." Combining electric dialogue with recorded interludes based on real Rubber Roomers and their abandoned pupils, the play explores Sartre's comment that "hell is other people." Especially when the hometime bell just refuses to ring.


- The Old Vic, London


THE RUBBER ROOM at The Old Vic, London

Cast Breakdown

3M, 5F.




Full Production

Tucson Magnet High School, AZ



Old Vic New Voices TS Eliot US/UK Exchange

The Old Vic, London

Directed by Simon Evans

Produced by Lucy Oliver-Harrison


Staged Reading

Crest Theater Company

Harvestworks, NYC


Staged Reading

Down Payment Productions,
Walkerspace @ Soho Rep, NYC



Indie Theater Now, 2012 - 2017


IN THE RUBBER ROOM, my screenplay adaptation, was in development with All the Way Around Productions, directed by Chandler Wild. 

IN THE RUBBER ROOM, my television series, is in development with Initiative 26, directed by Jamie Sims and produced by Sam Underwood.


THE RUBBER ROOM at Tucson High Magnet School, Arizona

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