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Ah the joys of sleepaway camp: raids, color war, a slavish devotion to social hierarchy. For the girls of Bunk 14, camp isn't an eight week vacation; it's a dog-eat-dog microcosm of the adult world they're so desperate to inhabit. Join Ashley, Zoe, Tracy, Samantha, and Abby on a hilarious yet terrifying 90-minute thrill ride into the deep, unexpectedly dark and dangerous world of 12-year-old girls. Everyone wants to climb the social ladder, but maybe it's better to stay put on the bottom rung. After all, you never know when you'll be the victim of an accidental shove to the depths of social homicide, or worse. 


Cast Breakdown



Production History

Produced by Second Stage, Wesleyan University, 2019.

Workshopped by Bare Bodkin Theatre Company, Tufts University, 2017.

Produced by Portland Theater Collaborative, 2012.
Produced by Down Payment Productions, 2009.



Nominated for 7 New York Innovative Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Full-Length Play, 2010.


Winner of New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Direction - Brian Smith, 2010.


Lark Playwrights' Week Finalist, 2009.


* This play has mature themes and is not meant for children. 

Book no.1
PINK!, Down Payment Productions, 2009.
PINK!, Second Stage, Wesleyan University, 2019.
​​The Wesleyan Argus: PINK! Delves into the Complexities of Girlhood 
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